Benefits of Getting Married in Denmark: A Guide for International Couples

Copenhagen city hall wedding

Dreaming of saying “I do” in a picturesque location without the hassle of complicated paperwork? Look no further than Denmark! In this comprehensive guide, I explore the myriad benefits of getting married in Denmark for international couples, including those facing complexities in their home countries like Germany, Netherlands or other EU countries. Whether you’re planning a city hall wedding, an elopement or a same-sex celebration, Denmark offers a seamless and romantic experience for couples from around the globe.

Copenhagen city hall wedding

Streamlined Legal Process

Navigating the legal requirements for marriage can be daunting, especially for international couples. Fortunately, Denmark has simplified the process, making it accessible and straightforward. With minimal paperwork and efficient processing times, couples can obtain their marriage license quickly and easily, eliminating the stress and bureaucracy often associated with marriage in other countries.

You can find official information about marriages in Copenhagen through the link below.

Legal Recognition Worldwide:

One of the most significant benefits of getting married in Denmark is the international recognition of marriage certificates. Whether you’re from Germany, Italy, Spain, France or the United States, or anywhere else in the world, Danish marriage certificates are universally accepted, providing couples with peace of mind and legal validation wherever their journey takes them.

Same-Sex Marriage Equality:

Denmark has long been a pioneer in LGBTQ+ rights, legalizing same-sex marriage in 2012. As a result, LGBTQ+ couples from countries where marriage equality may not be fully realized find a welcoming and inclusive environment in Denmark. With Cedric D. Vincent Photography, love knows no bounds, and we’re committed to capturing the beauty and authenticity of every love story, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Benefits of Getting Married in Denmark: Guide for International Couples
Benefits of Getting Married in Denmark: Guide for International Couples
Benefits of Getting Married in Denmark: Guide for International Couples

Denmark: A sustainable wedding destination

Expert Assistance and Support

Planning a wedding in a foreign country can be daunting, but with the help of experienced professionals, couples can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of.
One of the most popular wedding planner in Denmark is ‘Getting married in Denmark‘. They are focused on facilitating international couples to have a wedding in Denmark. They will help you with paperwork and will lift most of the weight off your shoulders.
As a photographer who documented a lot of weddings in Denmark, I can definitely help you out as well if you have any questions. I usually provides assistance and support couples that book with me every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable wedding experience AND photos!

Cost of City Hall Weddings in Denmark

City hall weddings in Denmark offer couples an affordable and budget-friendly option for tying the knot.
Compared to elaborate weddings in other countries, Denmark provides an elegant and cost-effective alternative without compromising on romance or style.

You must send an application (a notice of marriage) to the Agency of Family Law and pay a fee of DKK 1,900.
If the conditions are met, you will have a certificate of marital status/marriage certificate which will be valid for 4 months from the issue date.

How Long Does the Process Take:

The timeframe for processing marriage paperwork in Copenhagen is typically swift, with most couples receiving their marriage license within 4 weeks. However, it’s advisable to plan ahead and begin the application process well in advance of your desired wedding date to account for any potential delays.

Benefits of Getting Married in Denmark: Guide for International Couples

In conlusion:

From its streamlined legal process to its breathtaking landscapes and inclusive atmosphere, Denmark offers international couples a host of benefits when it comes to getting married. With the right vendors by your side, your dream wedding in Denmark becomes a reality, filled with love, romance, and unforgettable moments. Say “yes” to love and “yes” to Denmark – the perfect destination for your happily ever after.

Checklist for International Couples Traveling to Denmark for a City Hall Wedding

  • Travel and accommodation (Check for flight tickets, hotels or AirBnb. You can rent a car to travel around, rent some cute wedding bikes, or even the metro/train if you don’t mind!)
  • Paperwork / legal (If you are having an official/legal wedding, please make sure you bring all the required documents)
  • Wedding venue (Secure your date with the city hall if you are getting married there. Otherwise check out a venue to host your ceremony. Depending on the season, It can be by the beach, vineyard, restaurant/ hotel, or the beautiful church at Stevns Klint). 
  • Vendors (Do your research and book the vendors that suit your taste; wedding planner, hair stylist, make-up artist, etc.)
  • Wedding costumes and beauty (See with your airline how you can transport your wedding gown, don’t forget your shoes, jewelries, rings, etc. There are also plenty of shops in Copenhagen if you want ready-made/ mix and match wedding attires and accessories).
  • Ceremony (Write your vows: a short one if getting married at the city hall, research for meaningful wedding rituals that you would like to have).
  • Post-ceremony (Book a photographer and have some pictures done around the beautiful city and cosy streets of Copenhagen! Pop some champagne and don’t forget to book a nice restaurant for the evening).



International couples will typically need valid passports, birth certificates, proof of marital status, and, in some cases, a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage.

Absolutely! Denmark welcomes couples from all over the world to celebrate their love and get legally married, regardless of nationality or sexual orientation.

You must send an application (a notice of marriage) to the Agency of Family Law and pay a fee of DKK 1,900.

Denmark offers a streamlined process for obtaining marriage licenses, affordable wedding options, and a commitment to sustainability, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a stress-free and eco-conscious wedding destination.

Yes, Denmark issues internationally recognized marriage certificates, providing couples with legal recognition of their union in their home countries.

You will be handed a multi-lingual international certificate in Danish, English, French, German and Spanish. You can ask if you need more copies.

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With my experience and having met a lot of international couples, I gathered enough insights to help future couples in their journey to getting married in Denmark.

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