Mauritius is in the top 10 destinations for photographers, travelers and honeymooners around the world. While it is famous for its long sandy beaches and luxury resorts, the island also has a lot of other gems. Being a volcanic formed island, Mauritius has picturesque mountain ranges and breath-taking waterfalls. Below are some of my best photoshoot places in Mauritius.

couple adventuring at cascade leon waterfall in Mauritius

1. Cap Malheureux – 19°59’09.0″S 57°37’21.2″E

Cap Malheureux is a fisherman village located in the north of Mauritius. Known for its Red Roof church (Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice), it is also quite popular for its view over Coin De Mire island. There you can find locals enjoying their days by the beach, weddings at the church in the afternoon or tourists coming to take pictures with the church. You won’t directly have the golden light in the afternoon but you will have soft fill light during the sunset.

2. Mont Choisy – 20°00’36.3″S 57°33’21.1″E

Mont Choisy is the longest beach in Mauritius and probably one of the most stunning one. About 1.5 kms of pure bliss; fine sandy white sand, trees if you want shade, blue turquoise water and an amazing spot to catch the sunset! It is usually crowded on Sundays but during the week you can easily find a quiet spot if you don’t want to have other people in the background of your pictures.

couple having fun in the water during sunset at Mont Choisy beach Mauritius

3. Cactus at Flic-en-Flac – 20°15’46.0″S 57°22’39.0″E

This location is simply OUT OF THIS WORLD with the huge cacti forming an alley over the cliffs! The spot is known by very few people so it is always quiet there. It has so much potential because you have different settings just few meters away. There are the cliffs by the sea which are incredible but if you come during the sunset it is even more epic.

4. Balaclava Beach – 20.077453, 57.511603

Balaclava beach is my playground! I did so many shoots and weddings there. You can have both sandy beaches and blue turquoise water but also a more dramatic scenery with a lot of big rocks in the water and little boats. The colour of the water really pops in the morning but the golden hour is also breath-taking. You might want to use a reflector if you are going to shoot during midday.

5. Sugarcane Fields – 20°04’40.1″S 57°31’24.3″E

There is a sugarcane field really close to Balaclava beach, but anywhere else would do. Sugarcane fields are underrated by photographers here but you would be surprise of the various ways you can create magic there. Try to go when the fields are flowering, usually in February or March, you won’t be disappointed!

6. Albion Lighthouse – 20°11’27.3″S 57°24’41.3″E

Albion has the most epic scenery with its magical sunsets and big waves crashing by the big cliffs. The lighthouse is beautiful and if you are adventurous, you can go down the cliffs by the water. There is even a natural pool formed by the rocks!

7. Cascade Leon – 20°28’42.0″S 57°31’11.3″E

This one is for the wanderlust. Cascade Leon is a stunning waterfall within the indigenous outskirts of the Combo forest by the south of Mauritius. It is surrounded by a lush of greeneries and once you are there you can enjoy the breathtaking view of water cascading from 20 meters high. However you will need an off-road car to drive on the rocky path to it.

8. Le Morne Beach – 20°27’34.8″S 57°18’34.3″E

The wild west coast! Le Morne is my absolute favorite, specially for wedding. There is the tropical beach, palm trees, the sea and Le Morne Brabant mountain at the back.

9. Gris Gris Beach and cliff – 20°31’30.1″S 57°31’51.4″E

Gris Gris is a beautiful white sandy beach but it’s mostly known for its cliffs formed by volcanic rock. You will easily get inspired by the waves crashing onto the cliff, the colour of the blue turquoise water and if you are lucky, you might even see sea turtles! I love Gris Gris because of its potential to capture different sceneries at almost the same spot!

10. Rochester Falls – 20°30’09.7″S 57°31’00.9″E

Rochester Falls is popular for its unique rectangular flank rocks and one of the widest waterfall in Mauritius. Once you are there, it’s a breathtaking view with the water cascading from 10 meters high, crystal clear pool of water, and the lush of greeneries in the surrounding. It’s an ideal spot and hike for adventurers.

That was my list for the Top 10 best places for photoshoot in Mauritius and their exact coordinates! I hope this was helpful and that you will visit some or all of them.

If you would like to have a photographer to document your adventures in Mauritius, feel free to contact me!


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