Frederiksberg City Hall Wedding

Frederiksberg city hall wedding

Frederiksberg City Hall Wedding

Embark on a journey of love and elegance with a Frederiksberg City Hall wedding, nestled in the heart of Copenhagen’s enchanting Frederiksberg district. As a local photographer, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and documenting countless love stories unfold in this picturesque setting.

Frederiksberg City Hall: A Haven for Romance

Frederiksberg City Hall exudes charm and sophistication, providing the perfect setting for couples to exchange vows amidst breathtaking architecture and serene surroundings. It’s no wonder that it remains a sought-after venue for couples seeking a truly memorable wedding experience.

Frederiksberg city hall wedding
Frederiksberg city hall wedding
Frederiksberg city hall wedding

Embrace Nature’s Beauty: Photoshoot in Frederiksberg Garden

Following your ceremony at Frederiksberg City Hall, seize the opportunity to capture cherished moments amidst the natural splendor of Frederiksberg Garden. As one of Copenhagen’s most captivating green spaces, the garden serves as an idyllic backdrop for post-ceremony photoshoots.

Picture yourselves strolling hand in hand beneath the canopy of towering trees, stealing tender moments amidst vibrant flower beds, and sharing laughter against the backdrop of historic landmarks. These moments, expertly captured, will become treasured memories that you’ll revisit time and time again.

“Cedric is perhaps the most effective and beautiful photographer we’ve had the pleasure of working with! He went to the city hall a day before, scouted possible location/shot options and picked out some great spots for us. This saved us so much time and he took really beautiful shots of us on the wedding day. I also love his editing style and he was so quick with the delivery of the final photos. Besides his great photography skills, he is also a very warm, patient and friendly guy and we really appreciated having him cover our city hall wedding in Copenhagen. It didn’t feel like we just met him for the first time at all. Thank you Cedric for the beautiful memories we will cherish forever!”

– Shruti & Andreas



Copenhagen wedding photographer



Hi, I am Cedric and I photographed a lot of weddings in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen and the surroundings.

With my experience and photographing a lot of weddings at Frederiksberg town hall, I gathered enough insights to help future couples in their journey of getting married there.

If you want to hire someone who is not just a photographer but who also know the area and will help you out with practicalities, please reach out!

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