Getting married in Copenhagen is becoming more and more popular as Denmark grows to be one of the easiest country to get married in Europe for foreign couples.
You can have your civil wedding at the city hall, but you can also get married in the elegant, cosy surroundings and iconic places of the city. You can also hire a civil wedding officer to officiate your ceremony wherever you choose.
While having your wedding in one of the most picturesque capital of Europe sounds exciting and easy, it requires some preparations. This blog will hopefully help you in your wedding plans.

getting married in Copenhagen 2024 couple celebrating

Eloping / Getting married in Copenhagen City Hall

What is an elopement and WHY SHOULD I ELOPE?

As years go by, couples are redefining modern-day elopement into a unique experience.
But what is it exactly?
Eloping is an intentional, meaningful, intimate and authentic way of getting married. It is a concept where the focus is only on the two of you, which is the mot important thing of you getting married and saying yes to each other.
It doesn’t matter where you are, how you are doing it, who is there or what is people thinking about you. Eloping gives you that freedom of getting married however you want and wherever you want. If it just the two of you or with few family members, as long as the focus is to put the love you have for each other in front and have a truly intimate, stress-free wedding.
Same goes for the city hall wedding experience. While some couples like the idea of the city elopement, a lot of foreigners do it because of its practicality and having the best of both worlds.
Most elopements that I documented, the couples usually host a dinner party for their family and friends once they get back home to celebrate.

Wedding preparations checklist

Make a checklist to keep yourself well organised and to not forget anything. Wedding planing can be a hassle sometimes, make sure you have everything you need noted down.

  • Travel and accommodation (Check for flight tickets, hotels or AirBnb. You can rent a car to travel around, rent some cute wedding bikes, or even the metro/train if you don’t mind.) Book your trip on KAYAK!
  • Paperwork / legal (If you are having an official/legal wedding, please make sure you bring all the required documents)
  • Wedding venue (Secure your date with the city hall if you are getting married there. Otherwise check out a venue to host your ceremony. Depending on the season, It can be by the beach, vineyard, restaurant/ hotel, or the beautiful church at Stevns Klint). 
  • Vendors (Do your research and book the vendors that suit your taste; wedding planner, hair stylist, make-up artist, etc.)
  • Wedding costumes and beauty (See with your airline how you can transport your wedding gown, don’t forget your shoes, jewelries, rings, etc. There are also plenty of shops in Copenhagen if you want ready-made/ mix and match wedding attires and accessories).
  • Ceremony (Write your vows, research for meaningful wedding rituals that you would like to have).
  • Post-ceremony (Have some pictures done around the beautiful city and cosy streets of Copenhagen! Pop some champagne and don’t forget to book a nice restaurant for the evening).
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Paperwork / Legal for getting married in Copenhagen (2024)

Below are the documents required to get married in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Valid passports (Must be valid for at least 3 months from the date of the ceremony).
  • Residence permit (if you live abroad)
  • Schengen visa (if required, as proof of entry in Denmark or Schengen area)
  • Passport of two witnesses (If you are not having any guests, the city hall will provide 2 official witnesses.)
  • Divorce certificate (If you have been in a previous mariage)
  • Death certificate (if you have been a widowed)
  • Certificate of marital status

All documents must be submitted in either English, Danish or German.
Once all documents are submitted and the marriage notice is approved, you will be able to book a date and time for your wedding!
You can find more details through the link below.

Outdoor wedding
(Where to get married in Copenhagen)

Here comes one of the exciting part, having your ceremony at an intimate and iconic location of Copenhagen. That’s right, you do not need to have your civil wedding at the city hall. Instead, there is a list of other beautiful locations around Copenhagen to choose from. From old theaters, gardens, beach, water tower, there are about 20 stunning venues!
You can find all the details about locations, prices and available dates to choose from through the link below. (2024 updated)

Copenhagen beach wedding location
Royal Library Garden in Copenhagen
The Culture Tower on Knippelsbro bridge used for Copenhagen open air wedding for 2023

The Ceremony

You should arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your booked wedding appointment.
The ceremony can be held in either Danish, English or German. You have the option when booking for your appointment. It is important that you can both understand either of these languages, if not, you will need to hire an interpreter.
The ceremony starts with the wedding officer speech for you, then you will be asked to take one another as spouses. Then comes the exchange of rings, followed by the signing of marriage documents. You will receive an international version of your mariage certificate in either Danish, English, German, French or Spanish. You can also make more copies there if you need.


There are plenty of vendors around Copenhagen. Different price ranges, different quality of products, vendors who can speak different languages, such as French, Russian, Danish, German, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with. Most of the vendors can be easily reachable through Instagram or Facebook. If you would like some recommendations, feel free to write me.
If you do not want to go through the hassle of hiring multiple vendors, you can always book a wedding planner for your wedding day. They will also help you with all the paperwork and guide you through everything you need to know.
Getting married in Copenhagen, Denmark is even more perfect when you have the right vendors!


After your ceremony, get your portraits done in the cosy streets of Copenhagen! There are a lot of beautiful and iconic spots around the city to create some good memories.
You can also book a nice restaurant or hotel for the evening, have some champagne and cake!
If I am doing your photos, I usually send a sneak peak of the wedding pictures within 24-48 hours, this way you can use this to share with family and friends to announce your wedding on the same/next day.

brides exit after getting married in Copenhagen

Congratulations, you are now married!

Here is a list of great and fun adventures to experience as a couple during your stay in Copenhagen.

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Botanical Garden
  • Nyhavn
  • Canals by boat
  • Horse carriage in Dyrehavn
  • Reffen street food
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
  • Hamlet Castle at Kronborg

Here is a guide towards ‘Benefits of getting married in Denmark: A guide for international couples
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With my experience and having met a lot of international couples, I gathered enough insights to help future couples in their journey to getting married in Copenhagen.

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