We did this Indo / Western Bridal Fashion in Mauritius and here is a few words from the talented concept stylist, Samuel David.

Minimalist, Refined and Modern are the words that I will use to qualify this photoshoot concept. The idea of the wedding concept has changed, specially when it comes to hair, makeup and outfits. Consequently, these being the most important things, the bride and the groom will be in the spotlight. So goodbye traditional Bun and Hello wavy, curly loose hairstyles, even more the natural flower Bun and Glamorous and delicate makeup.


The traditional Bright Red colour with Golden Embellishments is no more the statement of the Indian Bride. However, the new trend is having more neutral tones and pastel colours with minimalist accessories. In addition, the groom should be as handsome as ever in his modern floral design Sharwani’s or same pastel colours to match the bride’s outfit. We have been in the wedding Industry as a Hairstylist, together with my makeup artist friend, Hans Dax since 3 years. As a result, we have been working with more than a hundred Brides.

Each of them had their own style and moreover, most of them wanted that modern, refined and glamorous touch for their dream wedding. They used Pinterest as a tool to plan their Big Day from A to Z specifically. This Photoshoot concept is my vision of  modern wedding styling and I wanted to showcase our Local talents and the resources available here.

For the pictures, we chose to work with Cedric D. Vincent, a wedding photographer. He is great at posing couples and in using natural lighting to keep these warm and earthy tones throughout the session. Therefore the colours gave us the feel where modernity meets with traditions and cultures. 


Concept, styling and Hairstyling: SD Hairstyle

Photographer: Cedric D. Vincent

Assistant Photo: Urmila Danhoo

Videographer: Emmanuel Sidien

Make-up Artist: Hans Dax

Beauty Supplies: CHI Mauritius

Male Outfits: Jetha Tulsidas

Female Outfits: Bride’s by Alisha

Venue & Animals: Horse Pro Ltd

Victoria Duval (
Noemie Barragan (
Amber Korimdun (
Tony Michel (
Jaabir Abedeen (
Mevyn (


I love everything about this session! The style, the location, and the couples are BEAUTIFUL! Plus, THAT PARROT!

Such stunning models and beautiful outfits. The colors are so fun!

Wow…blown away by beautiful traditions…and the outfits…absolutely stunning moments.

Omg these photos are so stunning .. so much love when I go them it’s so obvious 💕💕💕

holy crap! the colors the traditions the posing. This is such a dream shoot I don’t even know where to start. this is just flat out incredible.

This is breathtaking! The outfits are gorgeous and I love the incorporation of the horse and parrot! And I am all about the new trend of more neutral and pastel colors! These vendors really outdid themselves with this shoot!

Absolutely stunning!! Love how you are challenging traditional norms while also incorporating many of them as well!

I love seeing the non traditional approach, everything looks gorgeous.